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We know that to become the best construction company St. Louis has ever seen, Paton Redevelopment must provide service to our customers that is “above and beyond” what is expected. We are guided by our principles and dedicated to serving you with integrity and honesty in all that we do.

About Us

Paton Redevelopment Series LLC is a property development company striving to provide mid-scale affordable housing and properties to under-developed neighborhoods and communities throughout the St. Louis area. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, an area that for decades has had numerous neighborhoods and municipalities in need of redevelopment, Paton will provide support and assistance to these communities to bring back quality living possibilities. Paton seeks to develop properties targeted to historically underserved demographics and neighborhoods, and plans to develop properties in regions of the city deemed unworthy by other developers.

Paton's goals are to provide affordable mid-level housing that is essential to stabilize the population of the city of St. Louis, decrease poverty, and improve the quality of life for all city residents. We believe that St. Louis has so much to offer and is a great place to live. Population growth and neighborhood communities are essential to improving the incorrect national and local perception of the city of St. Louis.

Paton Redevelopment was founded by President Treinnea Russell in St. Louis, Missouri.

Minority Contractor Partnership Program

Paton is committed to providing opportunities for small minority contractors to work and grow their business. We currently have great relationships with many smaller contractors. We believe that it is important to hire contractors that live within the communities that we serve.

About Us




Paton is a one-stop shop for home buyers. This includes working with potential home buyers on locating and developing the home of their dreams and pre-selling properties currently in development.


Paton Redevelopment has a commitment to investing and revitalizing homes in North St. Louis City and other neighborhoods in the region. Paton Redevelopments has a unique mission of providing affordable housing and properties to the under-developed neighborhoods and communities of St. Louis.


Please contact us for more information about Paton sponsored financing opportunities.


Is Paton Redevelopment certified as an MWBE firm?

No, Paton Redevelopment is not currently certified as a MWBE Developer, however our company has dedicated its efforts and deliverance to contract MWBE certified subcontractors on our projects. In the future, Paton Redevelopment does plan to become MWBE certified.

Does Paton Redevelopment provide commercial development?

Paton Redevelopment is currently concentrated on new residential and renovation of residential homes and buildings. Our company does plan to do commercial projects in the future.

Does Paton Redevelopment build for customers with their own finance?

Yes, from time to time, Paton Redevelopment will build for customers with their own finance for their residence.